Message from the Founder, Adrian Chong

I believe in the Power of People and the Power of Change. Although everyone has ingrained personality traits, we are not held captive by them. In contrary to the popular saying that "People don’t change”, I am a firm believer that everyone CAN change, so long as they are WILLING.

At eEssence, we are committed to Making a Change in people to continually expand their capacities to create the results they truly desire. We have chosen this wooden toy to be our MOTTO as it reflects that we can choose the direction of our life and take control of it ! Choose to live with PASSION; Believe in yourself; Be Passionate in everything you do and Make Things Happen. That’s what taking control of your life is about.

The eEssence team has been carefully selected based on the criteria of the Love of People and a Passion to create a lasting impact in everything we do! It’s our privilege to be working with you in developing your people to leave a lasting legacy and to transform your organisation into a Learning Organisation!

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