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Our Approach

Psychologist Bruce Tuckman first came up the Team Development Model using a memorable phrase of "Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing" back in 1965. According to Tuckman, these stages are all necessary and inevitable in order for any teams to grow. This useful model has become a basis for us when we develop our team enhancement experiential activities.

Stage 1: Forming

This is where group members get to know one another and their purpose for being together. They make preliminary plans and identify roles of each member. Goal-setting and task-orientation are present, along with confusion and uncertainty.

Stage 2: Storming

At this stage, conflict occurs in interpersonal relationships. Although frustrations may be suppressed or masked, open hostility sometimes occurs. Members experience a growing awareness of others' hidden agendas, and cliques may form.

Stage 3: Norming

The Norming stage is marked by harmonious cohesiveness. It is a pleasant time in the team's evolution, when good feelings and a free exchange of ideas, feelings, and feedback abound.

Stage 4: Performing

This is where team members become a truly collaborative team. Members share a vision and work together to accomplish their objectives. Team members feel inspired to go the extra mile, and enjoy the fulfillment that comes from achieving objectives together


Most organizations hit a plateau once they have reached a certain level of performances.“ Why is it that our people are not performing the way they should be?” is a common problem faced by many organisations.

The truth is that most of the time, the people have lost their “fire” or motivation to work together, thereby transit back to the storming and norming stage.

Here at eEssence, we assist organizations to re-fuel that particular enthusiasm with our Unique De-Briefing methods and activities. eEssence focuses on HEART TRANSFORMATION to facilitate BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION. Our activities and de-briefing methods focus on :

HEAD : What we think and how we perceive things.
HEART : Our belief system which is influenced by our thinking
HANDS : Our behaviour responses which is influenced by what we think and believe

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